-1540s Amalia of Cleves

Status: wearable

Year finished: 2018

To Do: fit the fit of the sleeves at the armscye

Updates since last photo: n/a

Inspiration: a portrait I believe to be influenced by images of Amalia in the Weiditz codice de trajes

This gown started out as a way to use a small amount of silk and wool satin with a pre-cut skirt given to me by A. I had intended to use black velvet for the guards but was unable to purchase any in time. There was however a crimson-raspberry toned velveteen available which created a tone on tone effect which is seen in other portraits of the region and across northern Europe. This tone on tone is seen often in black (velvet on damask or black velvet on a dark grey) but also in reddish tones (both cool and warm.)

I also changed upon a very large quantity of very cheap heavy linen. It is orange however. Red is a common enough colour in linen linings that I was not too concerned as it is only glimpsed when my skirt is open.

This is a very comfortable gown to wear. The short sleeves allow a lot of air through the panes and the guards at the hem of the skirt keep it well away from my ankles allowing air to circulate.

The skirt was precut and all the guarding and lining was sewn by hand.
My first test of the headdress. I decided to create a more pointed middle layer to reflect the source more closely.
The flat hat lined and with gauging in progress.
Interior silk lining and felt cover of the cap.
The jewellery at the front of the headdress.
The four separate elements to the headdress.