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Extant gowns I adore-2

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Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague, 2 Vendulka Otavská-Restaurování a konzervování historických textilií

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3, 4, 5 Regionálního muzea v Mikulově

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6, 7, 8 Shakespeare’s England- Clothing from beyond the grave

Garment of: Margaretha Franciska Lobkowicz

Obsessed since: 2012

Recommended resources:  Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague, Regionálního muzea v MikulověShakespeare’s England- Clothing from beyond the grave

The Museum of Decorative Arts has also produced a document detailing the restoration of several garments: Vendulka Otavská Funeral attire of Maria Anna Josefa of Dietrichstein and its preservation 

They also have produced a document on the excavation of the burial as well: Eva Drozdová Antropologický výzkum Markéty Františky, hraběnky Dietrichsteinové

Vlasy Markéty Františky Dietrichsteinové – Lobkovicové, Eva Drozdová, Ph.D., ÚEB Biol PřF MU, Ústav antropologie – Biologická sekce – Přírodovědecká fakulta. A dissertation on the hair of Margaretha, mostly analysis of the hair strands but includes in situ and detail photos as well as.

The Burial Clothes of Margaretha Franziska de Lobkowitz, 1617, Johannes Pietsch, Page 30-49 | Costume, Published online: 29 Nov 2013

Patterns: I am waiting on the copy of the Costume article, however Johannes Pietz has made remarkable studies of the Kostümsammlung Hüpsch im Hessischen Landesmuseum Darmstadt. This thesis included detailed patterns for each layer (shell, lining, facings, interlinings) and this bodice would suggest the same care has gone into this gown not just having a striking visual appearance but transforms the wearer through careful use of support and shape.

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Extant gowns I adore-1


1,2 Der Mitteldeutsche Rundfunk 3 Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden

kleid0045 Werbemotiv-Damenkleid-Schraege_RA-angeschnitten-RK-i.-0045_x_01 torgau-germany-29th-apr-2016-the-dress-of-electress-magdalena-sibylla-G0704E

Werkstätten Ackermann & Pfannenberg, 5 Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden,* 6 Alamy,

mieder0045 torgau-germany-29th-apr-2016-the-dress-of-electress-magdalena-sibylla-G0704B

Werkstätten Ackermann & Pfannenberg, 8 Alamy

Garment of: Magdalena Sibylla of Prussia

Obsessed since: August 2016

Recommended resources: 

Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden Also has a pdf of the brochure for the exhibition

Werkstätten Ackermann & Pfannenbergmakers of the figurines for display

Machwerk– blog post of the exhibition

Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden– The home of the gown now.

Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden– new permanent exhibition

Der Mitteldeutsche Rundfunk– very high resolution images in gallery.


Patterns: The closest patterns are those of the Kostümsammlung Hüpsch im Hessischen Landesmuseum Darmstadt as incredibly detailed in the dissertation of Johannes Pietsch

Originaltitel: Die Kostümsammlung Hüpsch im Hessischen Landesmuseum Darmstadt
Originaluntertitel: Bestandskatalog der Männer- und Frauenkleidungsstücke; Studien zu Material, Technik und Geschichte der Bekleidung im 17. Jahrhundert
Übersetzter Titel: The Hüpsch Costume Collection in the Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt
Autor: Pietsch, Johannes
Jahr: 2008
Dokumenttyp: Dissertation

This gown is in remarkable condition, extremely remarkable condition. The slashes in the skirt have been faced with the same fabric which allows them to remain very firmly closed.

The jubon clearly has some fine tailoring with pad/stay stitching in the upper back and shoulders- this can be seen through the neckline.


The gown is on display for a few more months at the time of writing.

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