Return of the Sluglets

Ummm… after a winter sans sluggies we had 3, yes 3, seek shelter from the rain last night. All pretty small maybe 6cm fully stretched, 4cm travel sized. But fast! Yeah fast slugs who knew? The one I rescued from the front door also looked at me. I rescued it using a piece of card and it zoomed to the edge and elevated the front half to look around and it turned to face me.
I’m not really prone to hyperbole but it was sufficiently creepy for me to go into said rain and throw the card and sluggie a little further onto the grass than I would normally. And it was upon returning that the third sluggie was found zipping over the front steps.
I did get more card to rescue/remove it to the grass but ummm.
Fluffy stepped on it.
I tried nudging it to get it to start to move, but…
Fluffy is now a, Absolute Unit.
A hefty chonker.
Sluglets don’t really stand a chance.

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