Sneaking in an update

I’m still very much fatigued and have only a short time each day but am working on my essay/class “Will The Real Stickelchen Please Stand Up.” And I’m now dealing with the effects of AI. Before recently google couldn’t translate “stickelchen” nor even “stickle.” But now that people are confidently using it in books (art, history, and fiction) and in blogs and social media google is now confident.

The problem is it’s wrong.

If I take the full set of meanings in dictionaries it’s clearly wrong, because the meanings translate more correctly.

But this means that now when people use google translate they’ll get a result that seems right, but isn’t.

The bigger problems are that my reach is obviously not the same as actual influencers. And it’s power of numbers when it comes to AI. So I’m getting more tired dealing with formatting and style in order to get all the information out there and without errors. Hah!

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