Anna of Cleves work

Yes I’m back in my files and have had a massive burst to do so by finally relenting and listing to Six the Musical. I tend to dread reading or watching or listening to anything related to Anna as it’s pretty hard having this very unique viewpoint. But I’m in love with what everyone from the costume workshop, design, script, music, directors have done they all present the Anna I know from trying to undo my own mistake that has since been part of the misinformation about her.

To be honest I could do a line by line reaction video that would explain all of my work that because I’m not sure how many people realise just how much is condensed into a single song, and some of the roasting/competition each side of it.

So for anyone who wants to play along:

Haus of Holbein:

The introduction to Anna:

Get Down, Anna’s solo:

And the V&A has collected the Aragon costume and I have to admit it’s really got to me. I love it!

So I haven’t shared the Cleves costume- or costumes as it has undergone so many changes- because I’m trying to cite the images to the workshops and the designer and the photographers.

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