These Silly Costumes

Well I spent the last few days thinking I could just make a simple version of the Pink Diamonds costume with what I have in my stash of supplies. But no. The more I worked on restoring lost files (from my previous site) the more it bugged me that I was not going to get the same effect- an effect I did get from my previous version.

My research site does cover film costumes, so I’m going to do a proper write up of how and why this effect works. Because if I can be annoyed out of my sleep several days in a row then I think it’s worthy of a proper home.

I also need to draw the Hindi Wedding Dress information I got by being allowed to see her in person- I was allowed to take photos but I’m not allowed to share them.

But what I have is of enough interest that I’m happy to sketch from my photos, which is a fair bit of work compared to tidying up levels and hue and sharing the photo. My sketches of the embroidery could probably be tidied as well- but they are really pretty accurate as I was able to get photos with a ruler.

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