okay, back on track

I have been very much in the weeds for a while. Pain and fatigue amplify each other. I’ve been struggling to focus and I went on a tidy spiral where I move my stash to access the projects that are most meaningful. So that’s been using energy and ability.

But I do finally have this close to ideal now. Which means I’ve been having fun helping people online by sharing images that yep, I’ve been tidying and cataloguing in the same way. But it does mean I usually can find those images now.

So I’m also working with a set of 64 images covered in frocks worn by named and unnamed women. There are some amazing examples of striped gowns and oh so many half length sleeves with a single loose layer underneath.

And that’s fantastic because these mostly appear on allegorical/ancient figures, but there are a number of them in portraits. So I’m now able to write up part of my research on the frocks I’ve been making with these with even more examples. And make some little cuffed sleeves to match.

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