I’ve finally managed to connect appropriate accounts as I’m working on getting all my research actually published. This is from my talk at the Vision Symposium, and I’m having to edit down my over long extended paper because as I was editing I found some very cool new stuff.

These two quotes really neatly capture exactly why I’m so fascinated with our perception of Anne. While we think of the transactional nature of these marriages we tend to forget that marriage brings overt and covert changes. The overt being introduction of new ideas and fashions, the covert is the ability to travel ostensibly to merely have a catch up while actually being able to discuss great matters without record of them.

Letters could be intercepted, the ability to meet in person was much safer.

But I do love the shock of Marillac at the total lack of shame Anne expressed. It is an attitude that I think has shaped perception to this day.

I’ve also finally managed to get quality copies of references I really need and oh boy. Yes. I remember why they were so difficult to start with.

So connection is a very apt title for this post. I’m using the connections of the courtiers around Anne for one.

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