Today is a day many of us celebrate as part of tradition. Ours has changed a lot over the years and Mum and I both need to reduce the stresses that can come with preparing a fest with newer traditions. But it’s also a good time to ask what traditions to keep and what to discard.

Take how to lay out cutlery. It’s supposed to help us, but there are placement rules that mean left handed people are totally ignored. Then depending on where you live you are stuck with how many peas you can skewer with your fork or you can turn tines up and scoop the things.

If you are at a restaurant tradition says you wait for everyone, but I’ve been vegetarian most of my life and for some reason my food always arrived very early and would go cold before everyone else was served.

Eat that food as it’s presented because that’s what the chef put out and it’s supposed to be at perfect temperature when it arrives.

I learn rules so I know if they are based on safety, or about predictable results, or if why we do these have been forgotten over time.

My research into both Anne of Cleves and the various trades involved in producing her clothing and accessories, involves a lot of traditions and it’s really amazing how much is right there. I’m studying in a non traditional manner as well, yet also follows the path a heck of a lot of specialists have trod since antiquity. Many had to sneak into libraries but during my lifetime at least they have been so very open to all.

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