Investments of all kinds! But primarily how to dedicate time while every single project of mine has been on hiatus for so very long. I’ve just invested in, and been invested in, one of my yearly infusions of monoclonal antibodies. I can’t express how weird it is to just get these. They were still in the trial stages while I was at uni and I still have some of the references I used for my essay. Just.. it’s weird. Our senior lecturer was highly respected and you can find so much of his work in PubMed.

But I got to invest that time in hospital on transcribing the introduction paper to my Anne of Cleves research. I have already presented my earlier draft, but it’s now fuller and acts as an introduction to chapters based on each slide.

I may use my next infusion (it’s about 4hr) to work on some beading. I don’t have the backing I need for the pieces I’d really like to complete but I’ve also finally sorted the jewellery findings into Cleves first. There is a lot. But that’s how it should be.

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