so many projects

I’ve been stalled on so many projects for so long I’ve definitely moved into the overwhelmed stage.

But I’m also having to spend so much time dedicated to reading studies and research that has been misrepresented. It’s not far removed from the work I’m doing in my costume research, so that too is weighing on my mind. But with the opportunity to present the first two papers I’ve written and am writing I do need to get on with that.

In terms of projects I’m stuck at some early stages of support. Be it linings or support garments or the boning for each, it’s proving very difficult.

My jewellery too. I desperately need a way to support my nettle flowers and the best option is brass tubing bent to shape. AHAHAHAHAHAHA! No. Not happening with my hands. I can though make some card templates to work out the curves needed and possible. Then I might be able to outsource.

Though there are some bending tools for the size tubing I’d need, and I could probably use a bit of rod inside to hold ends. Worth testing I think.

I’d really like to get the proper connections as per portraits but this is an extant method so definitely worth using.

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