My hair is doing A Thing that I don’t understand but am having fun playing with right now. I’m able to replicate the “Pheasant” do which appears in a number of manuscripts and tapestries of the early 16thC Lowlands. It’s very cute.

That was from before my hair fell out due to chemo (low dose but permanent, not many people know about how that works) but my hair is long enough to do a single pass each side (this was done where I crossed the braids at the back of my head.) So I’ve dyed my hair to a vibrant burgundy/pink again so I can play with my crimping iron (oh yes) to see if I can really reproduce some styles before enough hair falls out again to cut my hair short and use my braid for supplementary pieces.

I want to try the Hapsburg Puffs which have bit of an interesting evolutionary history.

I suspect the Titian portrait is wrong. I KNOW! But all the rest suggest hair wrapping from the back of the head to the front. It makes it easier, tbf. I tried both ways and that works best. I want to get crimping to really be able to sculpt my hair.

But my manuscript research is paying off dividends! A lot is French rather than Lowlands but I found a donor portrait in an Mss commissioned (calligraphy) in Cologne, miniatures from Bruges, but the two figures are in readily identified NR dress.

It’s taken a log time to find this single image that most readily follows the art style of stained glass.

But my hat research really has taken a wonderful turn 🙂

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