a thousand words

I know I’m mostly writing about writing rather than writing, but I finally found an image that opened up the information gap I have but in a way that’s going to let me actually search records. And fortunately works with my current organising of information by type. So if something winds up in a mumeum, or in an archive, or in a library is the difference.

There is cross over. But it’s helping me as different art forms use different techniques and that includes just what is included such as seam lines. The same is true for hats. I’m using hat as a catchall for a lot of disparate items and that’s part of the problem. I don’t want to put the wrong terms out there while trying to get a more accurate term.

Because it’s not just a word.

A bathing cap is made of different materials and techniques to a knitted and felted flat hat, each also has a centuries long evolution. Who taught whom, and how, and under what regulations all plays a part.

I want to do justice to the past and help us right now.

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