tired but inspired

I have an adorable set of notebooks with a lama lying flat out on the bottom with those words above. Today I finally truly feel that.

I actually feel tired rather than fatigued and it’s actual bliss. I have missed this feeling because fatigue is more like my mind is running faster and faster but not getting anywhere and my body feels dragged along.

But no.

Today I woke with inspiration to turn two of my favourite OOK dolls into a ball jointed doll set.

I’ve already made a press mould of my favourite, and painted another OOK from her. So a proper silicone mould will be no trouble- especially if I’m willing to ease the glued down hair off.

But I also want to sketch our Bird of Paradise plant as the flowers go through a punk and goth stage and I’d love to capture these as they are full of texture and angles and with my set of woodless pencils I will have so much fun.

All of this is possible due to a set of circumstances that have made it possible to really think.

It’s so warm in the lounge due to the sun despite being chilly in the rest of the house. That is a kind of therapy as it means my muscles are warm and much more relaxed.

Fibro feels like it’s in my skin, so I may just have a short rest.

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