website tidying

My apologies to anyone who got a notification that I have been fixing broken links on my site! I thought choosing “don’t automatically share” meant exactly that 😉 It’s all in aim of making my two sites easier to switch between but also to make it obvious when you are on my research site or my own costume site.

I’m quite excited by a few new-to-access but not-new articles that include a few images of tailor diagrams that look just like the stack of extant garments I’ve been trying to organise. For many there are multiple sites and physical books to properly cite and there are even photos taken by costume tourists that are so good that you can see stitches.

The diagrams are a bit.. well not to scale, but the measurements all fit into my own pattern book too 🙂

Unfortunately my fatigue is pretty bad, daylight savings ending hasn’t really be noticeable to me before, but this year, it’s very much messing with my internal clock.

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