finally a thesis name

It’s taken much longer than I wanted, the entire year, to get my way through my digital archives to sort information by obvious subject matter. And I got myself lost in them. I got lost in them by looking for more information at the same time.

I also started to feel lost because there is just so much and I started to use tidying as a kind of distraction and so recently I’ve started to use puzzle books to distract instead. It’s helped a lot.

But finally, finally, I have the frame to fit all of that into a single thesis.

But really I needed that time for connections to be made, then tested, and if the connection remained it stuck, if not I left it in the background to find a better connection.

It hasn’t helped that I’ve done all of this from my PC.

My memory is written in 4 dimensions. I know the time of day and orientation to the sun. So to try and remember everything in my folders when I’m in the same spot day after day means I have forgotten a few things, and so the repetition of going through folders for side projects has helped.

So now it’s a matter of just writing and then taking a break because it’s pretty darn exciting.

It also means I’m back to working on some jewellery work.

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