Sweet Boo

Today is the anniversary of the passing of my darling costuming companion. I admit I have never really recovered. I haven’t. Within the year of my Baby Bunny Boy passing my website was attacked and I lost many posts about him that I also haven’t recovered, and then my studio was broken into and my equipment stolen.

I’ve just not felt secure since. I am working on this. I really am.

Working on my Mantua is tough, so tough, but it’s possible as there are lots of smaller elements.

I nearly went on a spiral after not being able to decide how to cut my lace- the repeats are on an angle and there is a top and bottom edge. But today I managed to decide where to cut through the repeats for the top edge and the join.

Tomorrow I baste the overlap of the piece- which luckily do match to the hem to then join it into one piece.

I’ll make some posts about more inspiration.

But for now;

Sweet Bolero and Sweet Zelda.

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