Oh my. I’ve been having a bit of a hard time health wise and it’s really impacted my ability to do anything. But I’ve managed to stop my midnight tidying sessions (oh yes, yay insomnia as it runs through my family) so at least I can think about making. But I’ve wanted to get my patterns and other costuming files to help others for so long that I have dedicated my “on” time to that. So far I’m thrilled that my idea to do the modular thing. Right now I have a clear set of diagrams from Freyle-Anduxar for patterns to show how they work in the same way which is really exciting.

I made a paper tape at 1/5 scale and am confident that what I have done is right, I’ve just got a handful of pattern categories I’m not sure on. I might have..

I have noticed there is a clear link between extant patterns and extant garments, which is very cool and will help me justify how I use the patterns.

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