I am test driving an ibuprofen patch across my upper back as that is a source of pain that gets transfered by fibro. I can’t afford to do this often ($NZ25 for two patches, and can be used for no longer than 5 days in a row) but I think this is the first time I’ve found any benefit from an external application.

And I will be able to let my Rheumatologist and GP know in case there are any alternatives.

I’m also sorting through a huge backlog of research material, but am going to focus on some inventories that offer some explanation for why it’s taking so long to explain what is going on with Anne of Cleves and her hat.

And I’ve started clipping my own pearled pieces and am not happy with how it is going. I may have to resort to more glue than I wanted. The satin is so loosely woven that it is fraying even with a good 6-10mm allowance. But the cord looks good so I’m going to clip right to the edge and then glue the raw edges and then stitch the cord in place.

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