fly by update

It’s been a series of stressful months, good days are a bit rare, but today is one. While I’d love to use this day to do something fun, I am tidying. And happy about it. Or rather feeling confident that I can not just start but finish this project.

I have a few written and costume projects I really want to work on. But I need today to tidy the last of sorting, so I can go back into where my tools and supplies are. If I tidy when stressed I have a tendency to not remember where that very clever space to store went to.

And it will let me access my wardrobe space to save for some extra supports to get a bar right across the top to hang my clothes and costumes, leaving the wire shelves able to be used in lower levels I have a great start, it’s just that I really do need a very strong bar with multiple supports to do so.

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