Anne of Cleves progress

Well, it always happens. I hoped I would have finished by now but I found three new sources, this is great! But it complicates the order I publish my work in to make sure they are viewed in context.

But also not every CMS is happy with multiple galleries on one page. Made even more complicated by plugins that work in the UI and can’t load due to the already mentioned issues of multiple galleries. Luckily there have been natural break points to separate the information. But it’s a little nerve wracking hoping like heck you can copy and paste the information before the tab crashes.

My symposium talk and a really important SCA talk both rely on everyone being on the same page (hah!) as me, so I know this is worth it. The problem is that my RA and fibro require a lot of additional support even while I’m mostly copying and pasting information. That can sometimes be even more of a problem if the difference between time able to edit and time needed to recover get wider. T

I also need to find a style guide that works. And that works with my CMS as it is now, and in the future. To that end I’ve started taking caption off images in galleries and using the handy a) b) c)’s in captions below to match how captions work in images.

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