progress for the week

I’ve been so overwhelmed by my own unfinished projects that it’s taken a fair bit of work to focus. Especially as fibro yesterday took several different approaches to pause it enough to prevent a full week flare. I might have managed it? But I’m about ready to take my glasses off and carefully not prod my eyes.

So I have managed to get both short chemises cut down and partly sewn ready for stitching the collars and waist bands.

I’m using some extant garments and also some images to make these. Where I have deviated from both is a reduction in the material in the back. This is in part due to trying to reduce heat and partly to reduce bulk.

The neckline of my new Cleves wardrobe is a shallow V in the back and wide at the front. So this means the linen undergarments don’t need to be full except where they are exposed. So this is at the front neck and at the wrists.

I’m happy with my reasoning on this, but I really want to actually test drive the idea over the course of an event.

All my linen and support gear is being rebuilt. Again based on a mix of extant garments and imagery, but also text. The documents I have, mostly shared already, tend to be much easier to use to figure out garments made from shell fabrics- wool, silk- with a few garments named after fabric- sarrock- while linen garments are rarely detailed.

This has though been useful in many ways.

But it does mean a bit of guesswork.

So far I’m very sure on a lot, but the “little” chemises could be interpreted in a few ways. “little” is used a lot (“-gin” suffix) but in many ways. Usually for a child, but all over the plac e in garments. And also in jewelry.

So I’m hoping I can pop between my written sources and my own garments, and my pattern book this week when I can.

Resting is frustrating when some parts of me are keen to go, go, go while also being bordeline pain in many others, and then with fatigue as a haze everywhere.

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