Plans for the day

I’m waiting on some brass findings and some faux enamel to paint them. I need to time my day in the Studio as it takes a bit of effort to get into and out of it. But I do really like my new line art for the patterns, and the next step is to illustrate the fitting process. It’s the single hardest thing to describe as it’s the opposite to how patterning/draping/fitting as was established in the 1910s, and fully embraced in the 1920s.

So that means we are several generations from a fitting practice that varied with fashion but ultimately used the same principles.

And it means often training that includes historical costume, there are modern fitting “tells.”

So I need to illustrate that and in doing so it takes my book from being grounded in the style of the original books further into the 19thC books that illustrated stitches, and trimmings, and hem facings.

So that’s starting to overwhelm me. All my projects are overwhelming. And it’s still a bit risky for me to leave the house to try and get the last of the netting I desperately need for the Frock of Doom.

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