My infusions are booked for this month 🙂 I am very lucky to still be able to get Rituximab. I have had luck with generic chemDMARDs but I am very nervous about bio-similar biologic DMARDs. I had bad responses to Humira and Enbrel so it’s a concern based on experience.

But I am and I’m prepping myself. Mix of relief and nerves.

I managed to press my velvet guards for my red and black Cleves gown yesterday to try and work out how much I need to cut for the narrower border. I definitely need to overdye velveteen to match. It’s not easy, that crimson red simply is not available. It is a vibrant cherry red in bright daylight, a crimson under incandessant. So I may have to just overdye my existing fabric to match.

Crimson would be very appropriate and I have some really nice dye. I just need the courage. I have not had much luck for the last few years with my costumes, so it really is at the point where I’m a bit scared to try anything.

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