I have been stalling making the corsets I need to work on projects as my hands and body are just not okay. And my hands really don’t like coutil. Pinning or trying to get a hand needle through for basting? My neuropathy and fibro combine in unexpected ways- I can’t get enough of a grip on the needle, but then being stuck by a pin is excessively painful.

It was probably the biggest warning that fibro was on the way. It started several years ago and I tellingly dismissed it as “hyper sensitivity.” So.. yeah.

But I realised that my Elsa Ice Gown has a fully supportive inner bodice. It needs it due to the weight of the rhinestones.

But it’s comfortable. Very very very comfortable. It’s two layers of stretch charmeuse cut high in the back, with padding for shape, and I happen to have the exact same fabric in a different colour already cut to shape.

So I could if I wanted make a corselet just so I can start trying on my projects.

Oh, I also realised I can probably also use some chunky open ended zips for my corsets after all. So I’m feeling a lot better about the prospect of working on my stays again 🙂 Some need lacing holes though. I really should go on an eyelet and rivet hunt. I keep stashing them where I shouldn’t.

These first two are Broadway examples, the third I have listed as for Ever After, all are about support and ventilation while reducing weight and bulk of fabric.

Anyway. I have a bit more of a plan now. I really want to finally finish my fluffy 1878 gown a la Tissot, so I really need to get some fit going on while also figuring out that excessively plunging back neckline- the sheer layer will help support but it is very low.

The Gallery of HMS Calcutta (Portsmouth) c.1876 James Tissot 1836-1902 Presented by Samuel Courtauld 1936

But I’m also taking inspiration from plates so I should also get all that sorted as well.

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