research rabbit holes

For those wondering do I really mean research or am I web surfing… yes researching. I’m trying to find evidence of any sort to suggest whether a veritable treasure trove of images can be trusted, or not. I’m not looking for evidence to support me, I’m looking for any evidence. At all. I want to just get the context.

One of the problems is that I have tried all the variations I can to find any mention of a specific manuscript. There is a fabulous paper, open access, but I can’t check their references. And I really need those references as it might help me brute search even more terms.

My collection of NRW images is pretty extensive. The only black holes are, weirdly, in printed images. Cologne was printing so much you would think it would be easy. But I have very few files of prints I can say for sure are from Cologne.

This source is amazing. Really amazing. I might have managed to find one figure that is 100% based on an in situ stained glass window. And as a portrait.

I’m trying to find sketches and anything related to an artist who has been suggested as having a hand in this document. And it’s very difficult. Until I can find a specific set of preparatory images I’m left with my own collection of thousands of images. And as the bulk of my evidence in support of the images being accurate is of allegorical or non-region specific styles?

I need to find a stash of sketches asap or somehow luck into new digitisation of paintings so far not recorded. I deep dive bildindex so often that I don’t think there are images I’ve missed.

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