Slowly I am working on my linen and jewelry pieces for my Cleves wardrobe, but there are some running repairs for clothing that also take time nd effort.

So what I’m doing is matching repair to project. So if I am handsewing/basting fabric for a project I’ll set myself up to sit on the floor and stream tv and do as many short seams as possible and get at least one seam of repairs as well.

If I am painting/gluing then I’ll set up ditto in my studio.

It seems to work, even if it is very slow. It’s always tough but it definitely gets tougher over time rather than better, which is you know, totally on brand for chronic illness.

Everything I do is in mind of the future so that I can balance life now and five years from now, a decade from now. Which is obviously ever evolving and never really predictable.

So, to my gabapentin but also an excess of vitamin B as a fizzy tablet drink because even if most is not absorbed some might. Even a little is better than none.

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