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I’ve been trying to rehabilitate my hands and keep then safe for sewing. I have ulnar shift, in which they rotate inwards and on top of my hand. And yes, it does indeed feel exactly like it is.

There are bones so eroded they are difficult to identify by shape in xrays.

On top of nerve and muscle wasting (leading to tremors) I have fibro which makes pin sticks excessively painful.

So I have been doing some low risk handsewing of linen with linen. I had to remove all pins and use my nails to press the seams open and fold the seam allowance under.

From there I have been trying to at least have even stitches even if they are not the tiny stitches that would mark a linen piece made 50 or more years ago.

So with a few days of success (for me- like 40cm of stitching in the morning and maybe 20cm in the afternoon) I have the confidence to actually try to work on my corsets. Putting in eyelets makes me nervous but I will use all my tools to make it safe as possible.

In hindsight the sensitivity to pin sticks was advance warning of my Fibro. I knew my blood tests were getting unusually painful, but I put it down to scar tissue from all the tests. But I didn’t associate it with the pain from pins sticking into my skin when I move projects.

So I have also been doing rough basting of projects to let me sew them properly later.

I’m slightly overwhelmed by my WIP storage as it really is A Lot. And I started them all when I was in a better position in terms of time management around fatigue and pain. But I have also been trying to avoid prednisone so I’ve been a bit more restricted in that regard too.

Okay. I think I can face my corset supplies if I can get the stash reorganised.

It’s also sunny so I’d like to paint some more brass flowers and check my make up tidying.

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