a bit up and down

But I’m writing about the up 🙂

I’ve been contacted by someone who has as much interst in Anne as I do and we both sort got very excited when we realised we had independantly come to the same conclusions on some fairly impotrant points.

And with our conversation she shared an image that made me do a little “yass” because it’s another piece of evidence I need to be able to say “this image, yes, this, use this to find Amalia!”

But it does mean the processing of images and files and citing and credit has to be done to be of any use to anyone!
And that may mean importing some posts from this blog and putting them over on the new- search engines do not like repeated content, but I also want to preserve the publication dates of them.

I also have a book on the Takarazuka version of Elisabeth, very exciting, it is with the courier right now. With our Alert level being at 3 this will be a contactless delivery.

Our replacement stove top will be installed tomorrow (it’s been weeks of stress) it’s the exact same model as the original. Also a contactless delivery and installation. I’ll probably stay in the lounge, with mask and gloves ready.

We decided that yes it had to be the same model as we have 12 1/2 years of muscle memory of using it. 12 1/2 years of knowing how to keep it clean (and we really did) so we know that barring something like this happening again we should have another 12 1/2 years, and no retraining ourselves.

It was truly scary watching the element (it’s a ceramic top) turn into a glowing ball of red light. So we might still be a bit risk averse for a while.

I have a little more of the sequinned fabric for my Ode to Adrian Bubble Gown which means I should be able to get that zig zag section cut without too much piecing. I need to figure it out in terms of the number of rolls of pleats I’ll need.

And I do really need to get some blue and purple layers in the hem to make it do the gradient effect.

I’ve had a day of pin rescue yesterday that continues today as well as a bit of sock repair.

Some socks might wind up converted to brace covers. Or sock toys. Hmmm Maybe sock clothes for a sock kitty my friend made…

And my cloth of gold from Sartor for my Anne of Cleves frock is in the air right now.

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