one more day of tidying

One of the downsides of having such a varied interest in everything is that there is a heck of a lot of tidying that needs to be done and there really is not a perfect sysetm for doing so.

I use a lot of Marie Kondo’s method for clothing- my now antique wardrobe and drawers set is very shallow. So cardboard boxes are very effective in there to store socks in a more self contained part, and my splints in another.

But when it comes to storing dresses and armour and storing unfinished projects of very different space needs… it gets a bit tricky.

There is a cube container that is great. But they don’t stack inside each other. But they look great when tidied as they sit flush with a wall and each other.

But yeah that they can’t be stacked inside each other means being absolutely sure and having the right number.

When containers can stack away when not in use they take up less room and you can have some out of rotation.

But I have to admit these are also small enough and light enough to transport. There are handy spaces to stick labels, they are high enough to store books, and I can probably get a nice row of them.

So. Today. I need to move a container to the studio as it is all fabric and projects I have sort of wasted a lot of time on. I feel bad as I could have used that time on my long term projects, but that’s more a statement of how stressed I have been.

And I really need to tidy my notions as they are so messy.

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