exhausted but motivated

I have just finished my stint as WorldCon masquerade director. The event is still going so I still need to do a proper debrief so I’ll wait for that.

But while deciding what on earth to wear I settled on Elsa but got Maleficent, my Wishing gown and my Elissa gown out to see what worked on camera.

My Elissa gown is entirely in pieces but they are good pieces. They are fun pieces, if I can just get the courage to put them on.

I love my blended interpretation and my original rope skirt, I’m not keen on how much stitching the ropes would need. though being stretchy it is possible I could overlock them and turn them. Hmm. The originals are just rolled due to the nature of the fabric.

But at 1m each I could just set aside a colour block a day to hand stitch them.

But I also really want to finally make my Maleficent wings. I’ve had much of the materials needed but I need to make a harness and of course one of the gowns.

My horns are very much pre- final battle (yep, they get sharper vertically. So I’d need to settle on how to deal with them. I do want to make them able to be worn more easily- so basically to snap on with magnets and make the space for my hair a bit wider and cleaner.

And I am also very keen to work on other projects. Like my entire Nordrhein wardrobe! My winter frock needs the fur lining put in. It’s basically an entire make over due to needing to take the lining out first.

But that silk can be used to finally line my Valois skirt as I accidentally used the best silk for that in something that has a new home.

So. Today I will reorganise my WIP pile as I probably can make it easier to work on everything.

Health is still up and down, it always will be. But I’m out of the holding pattern I was in caused by stress.

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