stash busting

This is actually really difficult! I may have shell fabrics and some decoration ready for all my WIPs but gathering lining, support, interfacings, trim… it’s all been a bit difficult. I’m used to being able to just go to the stores where I can grab low cost but quality natural fibre fabrics but with fibro and my RA together it’s very hard to travel even to places on a nearly direct transport. And then carrying..

But I have just accepted I need my gabapentin during the day as it is actually really effective at night.

Right now the fibro is doing the raw/hot/cold patches thing. And that turns very quickly into flinching.

But I am now very sure what I want to accomplish this year and when.

I’ve spent a little bit of time on a distraction project. I should just finish it but I am not sure I can.

I’m also very busy for this week, so I might be pushing things to even attempt to do so.

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