day to myself

Fibro is doing a Thing. I managed to cut some fabric, which well.. it was all over sequin fabric and two layers so yeah that might have contributed to The Thing.

Anyway it’s doing a weird thing where my feet feel like they are pressed against something buzzing and that is zipping up into my spine and down into my elbows and my sense of smell is a bit heightened.

So it’s time for lots of heat directly applied to my back.

That actually is one of the few non-medicine treatments that I find helps. I suspect because it dilate blood vessels. I have low blood pressure which means my extremities get cold, so heat gets blood flowing a bit more freely I think?

It definitely helps me more than ice. Ice only seems to help for fever and during the height of summer. I do indeed use heat even in summer for pain.

Anyway. For some of us heat helps for some of us cold helps.

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