this week is a whole mood

Ummm.. I don’t really know where to start but what started as a bad week on Tuesday just.. managed to get worse.

Sometime before Tuesday (sunday? Monday?) we spotted my chair had worn a hole in the carpet. The culprit? The chair is metal tubing and the feet are plastic which turns out were not fit for purpose and collapsed inside the tube feet! Once that happened the chair only needed a small amount of horizontal pressure to make a hole.

Fortunately I should be able to afford a repair and then get a mat specifically for my chair.

Then I picked up a fabric panel from the dining table and it stuck, I thought oh wow it really has been on the for a while and the condensation must have been very bad last night. And then I smelt it and ummm… not water. And oh look a stain in the varnish. Possibly into the wood? It was cleaned asap but the stain is there.

So I go to reheat my lunch on the stove (ceramic) and turnd my back and heard a crackle pop that sounded like a really firm peg snapping and shattering. Nope. Turns out there was a short and the oven swtitch at the mains flipped down. So we checked the surface for any residue of any sort, and turned it back on and..

Well it happened again. A couple of seconds of crackle, then a bang and flash of red then the unmistakable smell of electricity. I swore it was the element itself that glowed red (which is embedded in the glass top) but two sets of eyes saw different things due to the nature of how eyes work.

There is no apparent damage anywhere on the stove or pan. Apparent, I don’t have the tools to test of check the element or suface in any meaningful way.

But it does mean we can’t use it and need to replace it.

And today mum’s macbook screen has just stopped working. Soooo…

Our stresses have been financial. And just weird in their timing.

This week has also been stressful in terms of what is going on globally and locally so it’s been hard to even find any joy in making or doing.

But I have tidied my current project stash and do have a plan for that.

I have so many projects that have been put off for health and responsibilities that I think I’d like to just change a few things so I don’t feel so overwhelmed by them again.

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