Accessibility is suddenly everywhere, why am I so sad?

Some of us are now looking at the speed and frankly larger amounts of effort and money being put in that we were told was impossible, unfair, at a small scale.

It’s starting to really hurt. People are sharing how sad they are about conferences closing, about concerts being cancelled and supporting each other. While those of us who have always had to miss out are being ignored still. Even when recommendations of how to get through this include speaking to your isolated friend.

Just because we have always used social media to share information, how we feel, does not mean that is contact.

Many of us are grieving all over again for losses due to being denied reasonable requests. For many it was advanced degrees, for others it was a career. We absorbed the idea that we were unreasonable and while we were able to let each other know that no it wasn’t unreasonable. This is a whole level of in our face. We are talking about the exact same requests and for many in the community from the exact institutions that denied them access.

Please read, but don’t add more pressure on those sharing, it’s a really hard time for us. Read, and remember and remember to keep normalising these accommodations. Once this is over they may be locked off again to those who need these all the time.

And clearly our voices have not ever been enough. I think that is weighing on us too.

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