Hat progress

My Anne of Cleves inspired hat is getting her final make over.

I made it in 2006, added more pearls later, then the gold braid and more pearls and now I’m using a different technique to be able to avoid the issues I had the last time.

But I took them off and stabilised the velveteen a year ago. I had not worked on it as I simply had so much in the way of blog posts here and else where that I want to get into an easy to read and see format.

I also had resources totally out of array (thus my domain name) so it was always a case of having to hunt for a reference to share it again.

So I’m looking at putting up my most useful costume projects for each section of my new site and make pages for each element that is iconic to the time and place.

That includes and my hat, but I think I need to get my other hats up and I need detail images as well.

I am sooo excited to share, because as of right now I have every single portrait of an ensemble from the North Rhine. I did exclude relious dress but there is so much that is depicted and I have some written texts that I think that will be a very nice side project.

Also when I move pages/posts from here I can correct some information I got wrong or had to use due to information being not quite ideal 🙂

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