citing citing citing keep those digits citing

I am trying veeery hard to get my North Rhine research properly webbed. It’s taking some time to cite as I want to credit both my course and the institution and it gets a bit complex. But right now there are 511 individual images on my site! This has not been done before. I’ve not only put these in chronological order but from multiple sources online and digitised, and it’s a massive gift to the art history and costuming history communities because well you can’t get to 14 years of dedicated research and not owe a big debt to those who came before.

But these are my Nordrhein images. The Westfalen is a bit more complicated but does then lead into a nice set of sumptuary laws 🙂

These will be fully cited this week so that I can start to put images into pages of editorial stuff 🙂

I am trying to sort out a way to contact me. This is much tougher with a self hosted site than on social media so it might take a while!

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