fibro is doing a thing

Fibro is weird. Like really weird. Today I have a bit of upper back tension and fibro is sort of… doing weird things with the signals. I am getting what would normally be goose bumps but feels more like tiny little stinging hooks pulling the tiniest pinch of skin. Waves of it mostly on the top side of my arms. It’s been fairly constant with typing and now when prepping meals.

I don’t remember having this when I’m in bed so I think it’s a crossed signal thing. And my hair can brush my neck and feel like it’s a burn. And my CTR scar hurts a lot. Papery cut feeling and a bit of ache.

I think that’s all that it is in my scar, it mostly acts up when I have other fibro or RA symptoms, and my RA symptoms tend to set of fibro, so it’s kind of most likely to be that 🙂

But I got to go to my first local SCA event in a long time and it was lovely 🙂 Been doing a few practices but not going out as such. I think it may be the year though to get my cutting book just done. It is going to be hand drawn and scanned. I just can’t keep struggling with digital files. It’s enough to need to edit and format it all. I can still make it work as a colouring book and a dress up doll book and it will be much easier for me to also make a second set of patterns to help it be useful to people who appear to have different fitting concerns to me- we don’t really, but due to both fashion and cutting modern history it’s been less clear.

My system does work, but when you only have tidied up shapes from my end patterns then yes, that’s going to be unintuitive.

So I have found patterns of fitting solutions more by region and era than I have in size. And that is amazing! And wonderful. Especially when it can come across as extra work to consider plus size patterns in a line. It’s not really, but you soon learn what assumptions you have made in your system/line.

But it is so very much to sort. I have it all as hand written notes, digitised notes, line art by hand, and by at least two programs..

And my visual spatial brain gets overwhelmed trying to find a start and finish. It’s more like, but how do I not take about traded items from 200 years before when it lead to this? And I have managed to totally fail to organise my not-NRW images for the same reason. How do I sort them? Not all artists worked in one place, and portraits of women can use their father’s surname, or mother’s or birthplace, or home after marriage and it can be very confusing. I did go by city for a while. But that’s where many double ups happened as I added to them years later.

So, this is where I have been for the last while. Trying to find a linear or set of linear paths to get to where my memory library is (not quite a mind palace, but it’s very much a time and space kind of sorting system.)

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