It’s a Life Day Miracle!

Well yes, a lot of good luck and lots of pain relief (prednisone and codeine at different times of the day.)

I started work in 2017 and even primed and painted most of the armour. Definitely a lot more time passed between starting and finishing than it appears!

The contact lenses are gorgeous! They are very unnatural and I am hoping I can get more (weirdly I can get purely cosmetic lenses but not with a script. Even through an optometrist.

Frankly falling over because I can’t see if a really big risk!

GEO Xtra WBS 202 Bella Blue [yearly] ” so I can look after these to sav them great! I think I need to boil some cases and get some extreme cleaning on some of these as I am not kidding as to what a transformation they make. I wonder if the brown could be sithy…. The grey for Ventress. The purple for Rachi.

These don’t quite do justice to the pale pigments used closer to the pupil so they look very much like they are painted.

BIG CAVEAT! I am a long time contact lense use. Very long time. I find circle lenses super comfortable as I also have possible Sjogren’s but definitely a very dry eye. These can be used to apply a drop of eye care and it will float over your cornea and the sclera takes some of the stress.

BUT your mileage will vary. Greatly. I also ignore my astimatism as only one eye can be corrected and I can’t read street signs but I can judge distance to the floor with the (which I can’t in my fully corrective glasses and lenses.

So if you have not worn contact lenses go to a reputable optometrist and they will get your eye measurements. You can probably try some plano lenses (probably dailies) to get used to putting them in.

One advantage of these oTT tenses is it is very easy to see the outside from the inside.

Make up:

My makeup is a mix. While my hands look a different colour but that’s just getting closer to the light 😉

The body colour is alcohol activated make up. A white base with primary yellow and red and then some tan matte eyeshadow and a few drops of black. This paint looks much lighter in the bottle than on the body. It is still somewhat translucent so that’s why it goes a bit darker.

My face is Kryolan TV Stick in white, and I painted those markings first.

Then I used TV stick in 303 and then Kryolan Supracolor in 288. I would prefer the TV stick in the 288 but the Supracolor blends in and makes it very smooth.

I also used an orange blush that is no longer made- I like to blend powder pigments into the colour to help set it as you really can’t powder set this the traditional way.

To Do

My costume needs a few fixes. I forgot my right leg is a bit more muscly than my left so I may have to swap my greaves. My ankleboots have chunky zips on the inside and it pushes on the greaves to make them not close completely. I want to also keep the heels but find a round toes boot, cover is in a soft stretch fabric as pull on boots.

My instep is high (not arch)
And the velcro works very well I just need a day to swap the greaves over and reglue the velcro and leather hinges with weight and heat!

VELCRO® Hook and loop ONE-WRAP® double sided Strapping black and white, green 1m Black.

I love this so much it might make it possible to then velcro both sides of my greaves.

Snaps. I just missed out time to get the hip armour snaps in place as it required hammering and I couldn’t. but the velcro worked. So I’ll put the snaps in and add more velcro where I think it needs it.But I am so happy with the leather work. It was so long ago that I worked on that that I forgot how ell it worked.

I’d like some really good photos so I can make a full Rebel Legion tutorial for tunic, armour, montral and lekku etc.

And of course see if I can get a proper measurements of colours used for body paint.

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