Still tired

Not really any update, as I’m just too tired to do much of anything. I have a sore throat which has developed into a mild fevery feeling. It probably isn’t flu but I’m keeping stock of what it’s doing.

I’ve made so many mistakes the last few years with my costumes that I am really scared to do anything. FOF and FOMO together are a really horrible mix. And it doesn’t matter that I have a “valid” excuse, it’s still an “excuse” and that is a loaded word. I need more rest than I can get naturally- I really feel so much better when I manages to sleep through a night-day-night rather than try to get naps in over a week and not really be able to focus or complete tasks in the small gaps in time.

But that is where I am and so today I might have to unpick the little extra pouches on my purse and make new ones- my theory about shape seems to be true at least. But this is why I am scared to work on any project- I sewed, and now I’m unpicking it and redoing it and all that is time and energy I wanted to spend on moving forward not backward.

But that is my life now. So. Here we go. Will a shower make me feel better (heat on my back and shoulders and as close to my head as possible is lovely therapy) of will I wind up more tired (it does happen.)

Okay going to risk it. The shower.

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