tired but inspired

coming out of a bit of a rough patch. It’s very hard to explain except as a result of simply running out of physical resources.

But I am working on the biggest parts of my new site: all the dressmaking books I can find, all the trachtenbucher, and all the extant patterns.

https://www.thefrockchick.com/tag/historic-guides/ (for anyone not already familiar from facebook.)

I’m focused on open access where possible with links to books that have added information (Drei Schnittbucheris an example.)

I really do need to get my opinion pieces written up as well but having internal links means I can find the information right in my site.

Next up will be my big article on Anne of Cleves’ hat as it’s really quite a fascinating and it’s fairly unique even in the region. I want to explain way which means getting all the sumptuary laws up and also all the detail views I can of many portraits.

And all the modelbucher linked to- these are great for a lot of the goldwork in NRW portraits but the pearlwork is quite hard to match up. But that also means portrait by portrait, buch by buch.