maleficent reworking

Okay so I am much better able to plan but I still have fatigue and my RA which means I cannot do everything I want. So in the lead up to the Sickening Ball and Armageddon I need a few twofer wins.

And that means working on my Maleficent horns, which were last left as a digitised form of my full head with sculpt. Well I have gone back to that and I am hoping to in fact get an app to take my headcast to make a proper digital form to sculpt on. Slight issue is that is is so much easier to use symmetry to build up evenly when a human head really isn’t.

So I now have blender back and it’s much easier to use though the UI has changed enough that help is no longer helpful, but it does have a boolean modifier which means I should be able to use this work with a cleaned and tidied 3d model of my head.

So I have downloaded an app to hopefully get a decent model.

There is another that is free but requires credits to export some models, though no real explanation if obj is one of the file types.


Working backwards:

What do I want to do in terms of paint? Well I will want something that will bond to the surface so that means the print needs to be in ABS not PLA.

So ABS also allows me to make the print more stable by careful use of acetone and it allows for a very low density fill with a solid skin.

ABS can also be heated to take on a subtle new curve.

Then I need to find where I need to slice the model- in order to make best use of the layering in an extrusion print. And to fit within the physical limits of printers. The horns are easy, the base is going to be tricky. Did I mention it’s going to be in three parts like the original?

While not needed in this headdress the holes in the base are there for a purpose as are the teeth (like a comb) at the front.

Anyway, I have the Christening Gown still in two pieces (train and gown) so once I finally get myself somewhere where I can test some Kryolan TV Stick I will indeed have a full costume and will then also be able to finish my sickening gown.My skin is fussy beyond words. It basically means I am fairly stuck with one moisturiser, one cleanser, and they do not play nicely with makeup. But I can get TV Stick to work, go figure. So I need to match my skin. Ahahahahahahaha! But I think I do know the tint I just need to try some on my face with my full skin care routine. Which apparently now will include Murala oil as the one and only oil I have ever tried that my skin will absorb. Everything else ever sits on my skin and wanders off. This doesn’t. It’s very exciting.

Yes the two costumes are related, I hope.

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