PhD… err, I need to think about this

I have gathered an overwhelming amount of information and I am at the stage I need to think about the implications of this.
The first is that I ndo still have novel research even if I am now ableto find support of it, this means it has a financial incentive for some while I just cannot afford to do what I should do and use is for postgrad. It is PhD level but that is well beyond my financial ability. And that has a lot to do with my disease and limited abilty to turn this in to a paid role here in NZ and one that would work with my disease.
But I can still be peer reviewed. So I am thinking of the best way to package all the research I have, my new ideas as well.
I have so much potential to really contribute so I am looking at the costs of making my work open access but peer reviewed.
So once I know this dissertation is on the way I can relax and get my primary document sorted, my appendices, and my bibliography.
But it is going to be expensive. I may have to go for peer review and see if I can then crownfund the costs of making it open access. I have a few academic sites to look in to as well.

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