Passion project-2 1600 silver Spanish court gown before I fall alseep

Landvoogden Albrecht en Isabella van OostenrijkIts a cool name for a cool but insane ensemble I have been plotting for years. It has taken years just to get the fabric sorted! but sorted it is ????
This s the portrait that inspired it all. Well actually a copy of the portrait that inspired me. That one though is just madness embroidered in insanity…

I have discussed this on Livejournal several times so I shall try and copy the entries over here.

Or I shall just link to the tags ????

So I have several layers:
Camisa (chemise/shirt)
Verdugardos (farthingale/hoops)
Cuerpo baxo (stays/corset)
faldalin (petticoat)
Saya (skirt)
Jubon (doublet)
Ruffs (ummm ruffs- haven’t tracked down the Spanish term, I really should)
Galerilla (a semi fitted Ropa or surcoat or robe) y manga redonda (hangng sleeves of a circle folded in half)

I have several fabrics:
Camisa fine linen, approx 3m
Verdugardos approx 2.2m canvas, 2.2m green ilk twill, 15m crimson velvet ribbon, 2.2m brown linen
Cuerpo baxo approx70cm linen-cotton twill, 70cm linen lining, 100 cable tie bones
faldalin 1 yellow silk saree, approx1.5m brown linen
Saya, Galarilla y manga redonda 7.5m white and gold silk and cotton brocade, 7.5m calico interlining, 7.5m silk dupion (two shades as t is partially recycled) for lining, 50m heavy bullion braid trim, 50m cotton twill tape to support the braid, brass buttons.
Jubon silk charmeause backed with cotton sateen (recycled would be approx 1.5m), 1.5m calico, 1.5m cotton sateen (both for lining), 7m wide silver ribbon, 9m narrow silver rbbon, brass buttons
Ruffs sheer linen, unsure of what lace, but will require 10m in length of fabric/lace for the neck and 1.5-2m for each wrist.

Jubon progress

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