Imperfect but the records are complete

I managed to use google docs to edit the livejournal csv exports in to a readable format then imported them by the most simple to use plugin- only if your values match. I am going to also see if I can do a tutorial on this as tehre is really good info on the plugin page.

So I now have my farewell to my Boo in my site. And that is a relief.


I need to import some tumblr back up posts as much of 2014 is made up of twitter links to my Instagram- I did a lot of liveblogging on instagram as it is so easy. So the xml their export spits out has been cut in to chunks of a few posts each so I can do some playing around with editing.

Anyway. I have a few posts that are badly copied through various “visual” editors putting in unwanted code, but other than that. I feel content. My tags haven’t all imported so I will have to go do a search and add those tags in.


And yes I have backed up. But right now I need a break, and I need away from my computer. I am not really any good for anything right now as I had to wear my glasses- so the world is a blur further than the keyboard. But maybe I can tidy my workroom and the last of my bedroom.

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