So today was full, and a bit productive :)

Unproductive: actually getting my xml and csv files to work with any plugin out there. But I have 2011-2014 so there is that 🙂

Unproductive: no plugin actually works with the info, neither does OO.

Productive: got semagic and ljarchive to sync. ANd even export. And lj exported month by month

Productive: realised I am not alone. *Cersei wine sip*

Productive: turning that wine sip in to actually commenting on other blogs. OMGWTF!!!?? No but really. I read but have been too busy reading to comment so you know, turns and roundabouts.

Productive: scanning and converting to machine readable text footnotes and main text.

Productive: tidied footnotes to read properly (still have to put in main text footnote numbers as they read as an * only!)

Productive: Started making a new calendar for Aug-Nov. Bal d’Argent!!!!!!

Fun: found the ISS feed.

Fun: watched the #nautiluslive feed and got to see a dumbo octopus in real time. I cannot say how haw happy that made me.

piggywiggly piggywiggly2 piggywiggly3

How can anyone be unhappy when these exist?

But then we also saw a large octopus in full camouflage mode!!!!





So even if I am sitting here with two years of posts I cannot import, and 9 years I should just forget about I have actually had a very full day 🙂

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