Yasssss!!!! site updates

This is not quite what I expected to update right now but I managed to poke my theme into shape! I still have to go through and fix all the thumbnails but I have the sidebar back!


The new width seems to work on my screen when I resize the window. But that was a lot of of work! The theme hides a few functions that I had to go ftp and change rather than use CSS editor. No, I have no idea why they thought one column=990px and rwi column=770px but that just does my head in!


Anyway, this is all to make my site more functional and easy to navigate. Tags are back!!!! So next step is to keep working on the articles and tutorials.

For reference my old site is still on archive.org:


Urgh… but I have a plugin to help with thumbnails, and will let myself have a nap now and come back to adding content tonight!

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