Why Masterchef AU is my go to comfort show

It is relentlessly positive.

I think that is enough but here we go further:


None of the contestants put any of the other contestants down. Ever. Occasionally in a stressful cook they’ll express concern for those actually cooking but never put the contestants down. They empathise.

The contestants are allowed to share frustration and talk about what they tried to do while also sharing whether they did what they wanted! This is being self aware and is fabtastic.

They  celebrate their successes!And other contestants celebrate with them! OMG!?!?

They clearly learn and work with each other off camera and in the house. I would prefer more of this, but it is pretty clear there is off camera focused learning. Even if there are themes that occur through a show (spheres anyone?)

Even when the judges criticise a dish it is from a place of understanding the situation and never gets personal.


Have I mentioned it is relentlessly positive? This is so special and needs to be encouraged. It is clearly a winning formula or it would not have reached 8 seasons in Australia. I love the original, it’s a completely different format but it doesn’t quite have the same element of community and celebrating success in the same way. It does celebrate success and it does focus more on the cooking process though.


I know it is structured for TV. I know that the schedule will be incredibly hectic, and days start super early and finish late. I have done TV. I know there is easily 10-20 times the footage as what is aired. At least. Let alone all the editing and post production! And of course situations are partially set up in pre-production. But the way it is framed is definitely to empathise with the contestants.


It also celebrates expanding expectations. I know I have been better able to explain my passion for costuming from watching it, and listening to the technical discussion as well as seeing how the contestants respond to their peers, some of whom I haven’t heard of but can respect and get to learn about to better respect what they have done.

I just love it.


It really is quite a different animal from the vast majority of reality TV shows so I do recommend watching it. I want to promote things that make people feel happy but also celebrate what they have done. I think that is super important. There is a lot of “how much do you want it” but them followed up by how to refocus and put that passion in to making what they are doing work. Not just want it, but make it happen.

And even when a contestant leaves? They talk about the successes! Seriously. It’s lovely.

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