Woohoo! new Semagic works :)


I kept trying to get lj-archive to work. So far I have backed up all my posts, next step all my


Why I am I so happy? I can do searches not just tag searched to find all my dress diary type entries and I will be able to post in here with backdated blog posts ๐Ÿ™‚ With fixing my Braunchweig gown I really do want to get all those posts in one place ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s not quite the same as being able to import directly, but well needs must.

It’s been tough getting any of my new site content back in to my site, but I am totally struggling to get everything from prior to domain shifting. And yes I am still very affected by that push out of my domain. It was from about then that I have been playing catch up with content. Then the attack and well, it’s just like starting all over again in 2002.

I also had to make my lj private a few times, and it’s a bit of a security nightmare to just blanket reset all those posts that go back to 2002. So even if this is a big pain it is better than the alternative.

I also need to back up my theme content or turn it in to a child theme. That used to be so easy, now, really not. So theme writing is also on the cards! I love the vast majority of this theme, so I may be able to just do it as a child theme, and give credit to the original creators.

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