Day of sewing!

Made a skirt and got it on an existing side lacing bodice, so now I have a kirtle for my CLeves and Braunchveig gowns! Woo!

Got Maleficent sleeves sewn by hand on both sides. That’s 6m of pick stitching on the grin to on the bias. Went ever so lightly mad after that.

And I did indeed figure out the connection between original documents and a secondary text that was itself based on secondary texts. There was so much pre-WWII stuff published in Europe on costume that is just totally forgotten! This book? Four pages of references on a very narrow topic. So far I’ve been able to confirm a lot. I mean a lot.

Fingers crossed I have noew updates tomorrow, but I am exhausted so yes I need to get myself some sleep ๐Ÿ™‚

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